Thursday, 18 February 2016

Cupcake date!!

So I took my boyfriend on a date to a little adorable cupcake shop located in Melbourne CBD that I found online.
The place is called:
Website here.
The reason behind going to a cupcake shop for a date is because, well, I'm broke and have no job so this was the best I could do but it turned out to be an awesome place. I research the place online and found out that they sell two types of vegan cupcakes (Black Forest and Blueberry and Pistachio) and a few gluten free ones (the two vegans, Dark Horse Coffee, Snowy Pistachio and their Brownie too).
I ordered the Blueberry and Pistachio cupcake, which looks like:

Although the cupcake tasted more like almond then pistachio, I assume because they used almond meal, but, it was still delicious! My boyfriend, not being Lactose intolerant, tried the Oreo Cookies and Cream and the Tim Tam cupcakes and equally enjoyed both.
I highly recommend checking out this little cupcake store if you are out and about in Melbourne CDB.
They have a few places around the city, the one we went to is located at: Shop 7 Degraves St, Melbourne. Right opposite Flinders Street Station.


- Louie May

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