Tuesday, 12 January 2016

There's no need to be so salty!

We stayed 2 nights in Auckland and then traveled to Tauranga (I'm not posting from Tauranga, I didn't have internet. I'm in Whakatane now!). When we arrived at Tauranga we chose to go out for lunch at

If you read their menu here, you can see that it's not the best allergy free place to eat at but there was some foods I could eat. So I ordered the Sesame-Ginger Chilli Beef Salad, with crispy noodles.

It looks like a normal salad, not that flashy and not great presentation but it's a salad what do you expect? Well, I'll tell you what I expect, and it's that it shouldn't be so salty. It was not good! The actually salad bit, the lettuce and cucumber and tomatoes, were fine and average but the meat was just inedible! I was unable to taste any other flavour on the meat. No ginger, definitely couldn't taste any chilli. I was very disappointed. Everyone else managed to have better relatively average meals. 
The fish and chips my sister ordered had a heavy batter and the calamari my other sister and her partner shared was well cooked but had little flavour. I'm not even going to bother leaving the address, I probably won't ever go back!

- Louie May 

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