Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Mister Nice Guy is really, a nice guy!!....Well, bakery.

At the end of the month I turn 18 and so, of course, I have to have a cake but, I didn't know where to find a lactose free bakery! I was thinking for weeks that I was going to have to make my own birthday cake and just pray that it tastes good. So in hopes to avoid this, I did some research online and found a 100% Vegan and allergy free bakery called:
Photo from their website.

I spent about a week reading everything on their website and looking up reviews. I was a little worried about the mixed reviews they got. They got negative ones saying that the cakes don't look like the pictures but there was also positive ones saying it was the best cake they have ever had. So my mother, sisters and I put a day a side just to go and taste their cakes and I must say it was a COMPLETE SUCCESS!! We tested four different flavours; Tough Cookies, Unicorn Milkshake, Lickety Split and Strawberry Champagne. Unfortunately, we ate our mini cupcake tester before I remembered to take a picture so I am using images from their website. I do suggest that you check them out if you do live in Melbourne. 

These are from the website!

All of them were SO good!! 
Tough Cookies; Cookies and Cream cake and frosting, covered in chocolate ganache and cookie bits.
Unicorn Milkshake; Magical vanilla cupcake filled with sprinkles and glitter topped with more sprinkles, glitter and purple violet frosting.  
Lickety Split; Creamy strawberry frosting on vanilla cake.
Strawberry Champagne; Champagne frosting on strawberry cake stuffed with strawberries.

At the end, our favourite two were Strawberry Champagne and Tough Cookies.
And the winner flavour to be my birthday cake is Tough Cookies.It's a flavour I know quite a lot of my friends like and will be happy with. 

So if you have a type of food allergy or are vegan and want some delicious baked goods whether it's a birthday cake or just a croissant and coffee, and live in Melbourne, DEFINITELY CHECK OUT Mister Nice Guy's!!   

- Louie May

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