Thursday, 14 January 2016

Are you really aware?

Whilst in Rotorua, we found a allergy aware cafe called Be Rude Not To Cafe. Now, at this place I didn't have any problems with the taste of the food or any reactions to. I ordered the marinated chicken sandwich which was good. Nothing to spectacular about it just tasted how it should have. The marinated chicken sandwich has salad fixings, avocado, tomato relish and herbed aioli upon toasted ciabatta and was presented as such:

The one MAJOR disappointment is that if you are Lactose intolerant or Vegan DO NOT go here! We went here for lunch and you would expect that it's lunch menu would have a wide variety of dairy free options since it's a allergy aware cafe, well, no it doesn't. This was the only item on their menu you can order for lunch that was dairy free. You can even check the menu here if you want to see for yourself.
There is a big variety of gluten free options but so does every other cafe now-a-days. So really this cafe should not advertise as an allergy aware cafe if it is only really aware of gluten.
I was really disappointed, we especially went to this cafe because we thought it would give me a variety of choices but really it was like every other cafe.
But if you are Gluten intolerant and would like to go here because the food is good, the address is 1153 Pukuatua Street, Rotorua. In New Zealand.

- Louie May

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