Friday, 1 January 2016

Just a little intro...

Hello there!
Well, it's the new year and everyone I know have been talking about new year resolutions. I have never had one before until now. My new year resolution is to create a lactose free food blog.
My reason behind this is because I personally struggle to find decent lactose free recipes which sucks!! So I figured that other people that are lactose intolerant, or doesn't eat dairy for other reasons, might have the same struggle. This blog will contain recipes that I have gotten out of cook books that I have had to alter the ingredients.
I will post the way I make the recipes and their lactose free substitutes. I will try to post recipes at about 3-4 times a week and I will be posting about certain foods in general that you need to stay away from if you are eating out. You can't always be sure of the ingredients that are using in certain parts of your food. I personally have requested a vegan meal at a restaurant and something in it must of had dairy because I was up most of the night with stomach cramps and bloating.
I hope this blog will be helpful for some people and if you need to ask any questions about certain foods or recipes, feel free to do so.
Louie May 

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